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Minta ® Aerospace Temperature Sensors
Minta offer a wide range of temperature sensors for aero engine testing, including temperature rakes, vane and kiel heads, engine test rigs, test beds and flight compliance engines. Minta can offer expert technical advice on choice of temperature sensors at the design stage.

Minta ® Reduced Tip Thermocouples
Minta also offer a wide range of Reduced Tip Thermocouple designs for customers who need to accomodate more thermocouples in a restricted space and who require robust thermocouples with extra fast response and reliability. A unique process developed by Minta produces a reduced tip down to 0.3mm diameter. This process has proven to be highly reliable over many years of use in Aero Engine Testing.

Minta ® Industrial Temperature Sensors.
Minta supply high specification Quality Approved Temperature Sensors to a wide range of sectors, including type K, N, J, T, R & S Thermocouples and various Resistance Thermometers.

From small diameter (0.25mm), fast response thermocouples to large diameter assemblies with either Insulated, Grounded or Exposed Junctions.

Minta ® Temperature Sensors have proven to be highly reliable over many years.

Minta ® Survey Thermocouples
Minta also supply survey thermocouples for close tolerance temperature work along with a Certified Calibration Service, traceable to National Standards.


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