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RR Sub-contractors
Minta spreads its wings as worldwide RR sub-contractors require top quality temperature sensors.

Trent 7000
Minta ramps up production as Trent 7000 engine development testing begins.

Flight Test Sensors
Minta supplies RR with wide range of temperature sensors for Trent XWB-97K and Trent 1000-TEN flight engine test phase.

Trent XWB
Minta powers ahead as approved supplier for new Trent XWB Aero Engine development program.

Next Generation
Minta® Temperature Sensors are to test the next generation of greener, cleaner and environmentally friendly engine concepts worldwide.

Trent 1000
Minta's involvement in Trent 1000 proves a huge success. Yet another successful story in Minta's long running involvement in all previous Trent Engine development programs including Trent 500, 700, 800 and 900.

New Aerospace Clients
Minta continues to attract new international Aerospace customers due to their high level of quality and service. New supplier approval certification from one of the world's leading Aero Engine manufacturers.

Minta works closely with Exostar during account upgrade to 'new' supply chain platform.

Minta win the award for Excellence in Export
Minta win prestigious 2017 Knowsley Business Award for Excellence in Export, sponsored by Liverpool John Lennon Airport.
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Minta ® Aerospace Temperature Sensors

Temperature Rake Sensors

Engine Test Rig Temperature Sensors

Vane Assembly Temperature Sensors

Minta ® Reduced Tip Thermocouples

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